Hmmm project I think

 I love these! There so cute! Most definitely going to be making one of these for the new home! Xx


Moves and home ed! 

So me and my family moved back to the UK 2 weeks ago from Dubai, I have to say I have missed home to damn much!  And what a beautiful time of year to return! Autumn fall it’s just stunning all orange and golden full of snuggle days and reading while drinking hot drinks and dunking biscuits! 

We are still continuing  with our home education even though my baby has said he would like to go back to his school 😢😕 poooooo so I have applied but whether we get in  is a whole other ball game! 

We have moved on to Victorian times for history and having a lot of fun with that! 

I also snagged some bargain science workbooks for 29p each! That was a good day! 

Reading our way through the magic fareaway tree by Enid Blythe we are enjoying it lots! 

Hope you are all ok and well! 


Finishing off

Thought I would pop this quote on as I love the meaning behind it, we all learn different and it’s a blessing to help my son find his way! 

I’m also so gutted as I have no photos to pop in ( you know I like to show all what we have Been doing) but some little sod deleted all my pictures! And do you know why! Because he wanted to make minecraft videos for YouTube and there wasn’t enough space in my phone! 

It’s my phone dude. Ask next time 😠

But my next post I will be writing is what we have achieved these last few weeks with pictures of course as we are moving on to new things! Woooooo

Hope you all have a blessed day! 🌷

Enjoying the peace with my coffee before everyone awakens! ☕️☀️

Boo im back 

boo!!! Hey everyone! 

Where has time gone! Where does it go! I didn’t even realise it had been so long since my last post! 

I guess I’ve just been schooling and relaxing,

I’ve felt a lovely calm lately when it comes to homeschooling, we just go with the flow and I’ve stopped trying to cram so much in, it never ends well when I do that! 

  This here is FRACTIONS!! 😡 note the angry face! Turns out I can’t do them! They suck! The husband had to step in! 
My son was using counters to help! 

Hope you have all had a great few weeks! 

It’s eid for us tomorrow, so today we shall be baking a cake (do expect pictures ok) and tomrrow after our beautiful eid prayers at the mosque we shall be going to the beach and later on to adventure land at our local mall followed by food! Yum 


feeling calmer

hello 🙂

Ok im feeling better now after my crazy meltdown! thank you to all for the nice messages and encouragement you all rock and are awesome mums!!

Righty so ive smoothed my cirriculum out and lesson planned and im feeling much better and ive realised that i really dont have to cram everything in! Also its ok not to stick to the timetable i made! sure its there if we need some direction but im fine just doing what feels best for the day.

so my subjects and lessons are  for this year –

  1. ENGLISH – we are working on our handwriting (my sons is not the best and his letters seem to float in the air)
  2.  Spellings and punctuation. This is my hardest lesson so far! trust me its painful, but we just keep calm and with lots of encouragment we get there!

IMG_3200 IMG_3201IMG_3202

we have used the word ladders which was really fun, and we are working on the coloured punctuation card.

MATHS – We are using khan academy i stumbled across this on a blog i follow and have done for some years she is awesome here is the link to her blog

And for khan academy its got many different subjects not just maths and its free! yehhh!

HISTORY – we are going to be doing a mini project on The great wall of china, my other projects lined up are-

*muhammed ali , Romans , palestine , anglo saxons , ancient greece.

SCIENCE  – Human body then we are moving onto

* plants/plant reproduction , lifecycle of plants and animals/water cycle, states of matter gasses/solids etc , and electricity. Im using the usborne quick links for all this heres the link for that

GEOGRAPHY – Weather so far we have done rain and clouds and we are moving onto wind next lesson after our completion of weather we have these lined up-

  • * locate the worlds countries, lattitude and longatude and equator, human and pysical geography.

IMG_3290our work on the different clouds, using cotton wool!

ART- we are doing the famous artists, we do an infomation board and then copy a piece of work.

ISLAM – Alphabet, 99 names of allah, speaking ( reciting verses of the quran) and working threw 2 workbooks

IMG_3265mathing up words,

anyone know what this bird is?

Inbetween this we have done a visa run which i hated but my son enjoyed as he loves airplanes, and trying to get out and about as the weather is cooling a teeny tiny bit (good old sharjah) heres a few pictures of our outings! IMG_3277IMG_3278

eeekkk oh yeh a whale shark spotted in dubai marina!!
eeekkk oh yeh a whale shark spotted in dubai marina!!

lesson as my son hates writing!! its painful but we stay strong and lots of encouragment

blergh feeling overwhelmed!!!!!

hey guys!

Gosh the last few days have been a bit well blerghhhh for me! Ever feel like “am i doing enough?”or “am i doing it right?”

I am throughly enjoying homeschooling the freedom and fun it gives you as well as good family time and growing together, but i guess im just thinking am i doing this right? i dont want to fail my child! please tell me you get this?!

when i started homeschooling i didnt pick a particular cirriculum as there was so many! i didnt really know which one to pick!! So being from the uk i just googled (good old google) the uk cirrculum for year 4 and went with that and im following it casually,

What cirrculum do you all follow?